Date Title Transcript Journal Show Notes
2018-06-01 Knockoff vs Authentic Christians PDF PDF
2018-05-18 Lessons from the Kentucky Derby PDF PDF
2018-05-11 Long Leashes & Choke Collars PDF PDF
2018-05-04 Nothing Compares to the Promised Glory PDF PDF
2018-04-27  Lifting the Cup – Make a Toast to the Lord PDF PDF
2018-04-20 Spiritual Income Tax PDF PDF
2018-04-13 Palm Sunday – Part 2 Stones Will Cry Out PDF PDF
2018-04-06 Palm Sunday – Part 1 Stones Will Cry Out PDF PDF
2018-03-30 Seven Last Sayings from the Cross PDF PDF
2018-03-23 Wisdom & The Spirit of Discernment PDF PDF
2018-03-16 The Mystery of the Messiah PDF PDF
2018-03-09 A Pandora Religion PDF PDF
2018-03-02 Adjustments – Work Out Your Salvation PDF PDF
2018-02-23 The Litmus Test of Salvation PDF PDF
2018-02-16 Genetic Testing – Baby’s Daddy PDF PDF
2018-02-09 United We Stand – Divided We Fall PDF PDF
2018-02-02 The Tripping Infraction – Penalty PDF PDF
2018-01-26 There is a Balm in Gilead PDF PDF
2018-01-19 Light & Night Fishermen – Zero Dark 30 PDF PDF
2018-01-12 New Year Adjustments – Resolutions PDF PDF
2018-01-05 Reruns & Remixes PDF PDF
2017-12-29 Stork Religions & The Home Field Advantage PDF PDF
2017-12-22 Christmas Wrappings PDF PDF
2017-12-15 Dashboard & Cockpit Lights PDF PDF
2017-12-08 Pursuit of Perfection PDF PDF
2017-12-01 I’ll Be a Monkey’s Uncle PDF PDF
2017-11-24 An On Time God-
Whose Fight is it?
2017-11-17 Anger, Bitterness & Ignorance. The dangerous combination PDF PDF
2017-11-10 Right to Bear Arms
Weapons of Warfare
2017-11-04 E Cork Tribute – His
Faith, Fight & Finish
2017-10-27 Near Sighted Christians PDF PDF
2017-10-20 See What I’m Saying PDF PDF
2017-10-13 An ATM for Righteousness PDF PDF
2017-10-06 Name That Tune – Shazam PDF PDF
2017-09-30 Can You Hear Me Now (Jonah) PDF PDF
2017-09-23 Wow! Someone Paid off My Debt PDF PDF
2017-09-16 The Annoyance & Dangers of a ‘Simon Says’ Religion PDF PDF
2017-08-25 Exchange Rate for Spiritual Labor PDF PDF
2017-08-18 Mary Did You Know PDF PDF
2017-08-11 Being Led by God PDF PDF
2017-07-28 Designer Clothing PDF PDF

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